We Wax the World is a collaborative project, in which designers, stylists, photographers and technicians from Europe and Africa all work together, side by side. All of our fabrics are of exceptional quality and made to the highest industry standards.

Original, easy-to-wear, modern designs, printed on premium fabrics made from the highest quality cotton. Patterns and textures that blend traditions and techniques, imagination and innovation. Perfect for both men and women, to wear in classic and avant-garde styles, with fun and fluidity. More than a collection, We Wax the World is an adventure in inspiration and partnership. For the first time ever, a fashion label has created and signed a collection of Bazin Riche and Wax-Couture fabrics for the African continent.



Abdoul Lahad Guey
Alia Bare
Jean Kassim Dembele
Sadiou Bee
Sisters of Afrika